About Us

The Yadle team is a multi-cultural team based in San Francisco/ East Bay, Montreal Canada, Europe, and India.

Why We Exist – Our Mission:

Connecting files and people everywhere by making files and knowledge stored everywhere searchable, accessible, and useful.

The Problem We Help Solve

Working and collaborating everywhere, files get stored in many places. We lose touch, lose access, and lose time.

What We Believe

We believe that more we can achieved by sharing files and knowledge stored everywhere.

How Yadle Helps

Yadle continually indexes, tags, and thumbnails files stored everywhere to make them fast and easy to find, access, and share.



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A proven serial entrepreneur with a number of start-up successes and exits. With eFundraising.com, Eric re-invented fundraising with a patented web-based email system. It was sold for $27M on a $500K investment. Eric has helped transform loyalty, ecommerce and deals space. He founded OneBigPlanet Corp., which grew from initial seed investment to being sold to an Equity Group in 2012. He recently created a concept for a hyper local Social Application Offer Network. This project called Zippler was sold for $2M based on his concept. Eric is an innovator by nature with over half a dozen patented technologies. He formerly played professional ice hockey (NHL, Canadian Olympic).



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David was involved in 7 startups with 4 of the last 5 startups with technology portfolios that were acquired by large firms. David Lundberg is a proven technology leader who has managed large-scale technology projects and enterprises. David has led the engineering team for an Apple/IBM joint venture. He has managed teams of 160+ as VP Engineering.

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Yadle is proud to hire and pull expertise in UX, UI. Design, Web Development, programming, and sales and marketing, from the best people located all over the world.

Yadle Team