File Intelligence for the Built Environment

Project Preparation

File Channels allow designers to be easily moved to new projects without moving any files.

Yadle File Channels enable the sharing of collections of files and folders securely to those that need access, both inside and outside your firm.  You can share some files with other team members, other files with vendors, and yet other files with clients.  Each File Channel has access controls that are used to manage access to individuals, groups, and organizations of user.  And since File Channels do not copy or move files, it is easy to create large numbers of File Channels to suite the specific needs of any workflow.

Your Storage Devices

Yadle File Channels


Yadle excels at managing project files for team collaboration. File Channels are virtual folders made up of files from many computersand locations, allowing each team member to organize and manage their files to suit their projects while  providing easy access to all team members.

Manage Files + Teams
Manage Teams + Files Together
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Farnsworth Project
Fallingwater Project

Conceptual Design

As-Built + Site Photos

Photograph Jessica Smith

Taken on 6 / 3 / 2018

Nikon D7500 DSLR

Yadle's File Intelligence automatically attaches tags to your files both on filesystems and in the cloud.  Our AI adds tags to identify the contents of photographs & drawings, and categorizes file types to simplify discover and search.  When combined with tags added by your team members, the result is deep metadata about all of your files to enhance searching for precedence when beginning a project.

Extracted Metadata

Automatic 2D Object Detection

Yadle excels at archive construction.

Schematic Design

Reference Past Material
Asset Management
Building Iterations
Interactive 3D Thumbnails
External Collaboration

Construction Admininstration

Schematic Design

Design Development

Construction Documents

Construction Bidding

Keep Title Blocks in Sync
Search Schedule Library
Respond to RFIs


  • Find files across all infrastructure - including cloud file storage - with a single, Federated search.

  • Search by human context - find files by author, type, image contents.

  • Perform research to collect files from previous work to accelerate start of new projects.

  • Works with CAD files, documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, images, video, Adobe CC application files, plus more.

  • Accessible via web browser or desktop app.

  • Works with Windows, MacOS, and Linux desktop systems.  Users can search for needed files across all storage on all platforms in a single operation.


  • Improve architect efficient and job satisfaction by reducing time wasted looking for files. People can focus on their work, not hunting for files.

  • Discover and find needed documents to support research, project management, and collaboration with outside vendors & customers.

  • Enhance workflow with tags and file annotations.

  • Manage visibility of files using File Channels to control access, or expose access to external parties.

File Channels allow files to be logically grouped by project, contractor, trade or any other grouping that fits your workflow. Yadle File Channels support access by external users such as vendors and customers so they can search find, and view files that you wish to share with them.

Yadle File Channels facilitate the logical grouping of related files without moving where files are located on storage. File Channels can be creates for files sets in projects or sub projects, as well as by specific users groups such as vendors or clients. Access can be controlled to allow specific groups of users to access files.


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