Yadle Downloads

Welcome to Yadle's Download Center.

Yadle Desktop App

Download the Desktop App to integrate Yadle into your operating system. Features integrated to your desktop includes a local files selector. The Desktop App also allows quick access to Yadle Search from your desktop.

Yadle File Intelligence Agent

Download the Yadle File Intelligence Agent on a device to index, tag, and thumbnail files stored on it. It does not move or modify your files. It simply makes them searchable by you and also transferable between devices. Files become searchable via a Web App, and a Desktop App if downloaded.

Yadle Add-Ons and Plug-Ins

Yadle integrate into a growing number of Add-Ons and Plug-Ins that allow you to search using Yadle directly within your favorite application.

adobeYadle’s Search Add-On for Adobe Applications

Yadle’s search is integrated into your favorite Adobe application, including Adobe Illustrator® CC, Adobe Photoshop® CC, Adobe InDesign® CC, and Adobe Premiere® CC to allow you to search, find, and load files directly within your Adobe application.

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NukeYadle’s Search Plug-In for Foundry Nuke

Yadle's search is integrated into Foundry Nuke as a plug-in to help you quickly find that perfect asset you're looking for without leaving your application.

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