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Get Files from Anywhere Including Remote Devices

If you are traveling and forgot to upload a file you later need to your Cloud account, you can remotely find and get files wherever you are with Yadle.
SEND Files

Send Files from Anywhere to Anywhere

From search results, you can select files stored anywhere and send them to whoever you’d like via email or directly device to device with the Yadle App installed.
SEND Files
SEND Large Files

Send Large Files
Without Size Limit

There is no size limits to sending files with Yadle. Yadle allows you to find, pick a number of files, and send them to one or a few people without having to worry about size limits.
OPEN Files

Open Files on your Current Devices

For files that are on your current device, from search results you can simply click open to open the file in the respective App.
OPEN Files

Apply Bulk Actions to Files Stored Anywhere

From search results, you can select many files and apply various actions to all files stored anywhere, including tagging or sending them anywhere, and more.

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