Relevant Tags

Use Yadle AI to Auto-Tag Images Based on Image Recognition

Yadle’s AI can automatically tag image files based on the content of the image. As example, it can recognize a chihuahua dog or an old lady smiling in a park and automatically add tags.
Search By Elements

Search by Elements and Characteristics

You can search by elements (ex. #wood, #water, #car) and characteristics (ex. #broken #dark).
Search By Elements
Data Analysis

A Total Data Analysis Solution

Yadle offers a total data analysis solution. It collects, curates, normalizes, and analyses the data using AI and File Intelligence, to augment it and make it more useful.
A1 Fi Rules

Tags are added based on Artificial Intelligence, File Intelligence, and Rules

Tags are added based on artificial intelligence, file intelligence, and based on rules. As examples, tags can be added based on your folder structure, some file metadata, or using AI.
Ai Fi Rules
Personalized AI

AI Personalized by Industry and Client

Yadle offers AI tailored by industries to offer a greater level of tagging relevance. You can personalize your own AI to recognize your specific types of files.
Collection Data from files Stored

Collects Data from Files Stored Anywhere

Yadle collects data from all your files and works anywhere across file types, systems, data storage types, applications. There’s no need to build your own data collection solution or use another vendor.
Collection Data from files Stored
Video Tags

Yadle Tags Events in a Video Clips

Yadle analyzes your movies and clips and can tag visual elements. As example, a tag called “#car crash” can link to where a car crash occurred in a video clip.
Flexible Micro Services.

Flexible Micro Services.

With Yadle, you can pick and choose Micro Services you are interested in.
Flexible Micro Services.
Flexible Hosting

Flexible Hosting

Yadle and your data can be hosted in the Cloud or On-Premise.
Yadle Tags Duplicate Files

Yadle Tags Duplicate Files

Tags applied to one file automatically tags all duplicate files no matter where they are stored. Tags are virtual and never modify your files
Yadle Tags Duplicate Files
Better Yadle

AI Continually Gets Better as you Use Yadle

As users add and remove tags, the Yadle engine self-improves and generates tags that are more and more relevant over time.

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