Yadle works the way you do with files safely staying where they are. Yadle does not touch your files - it’s 100% secure. You simply install Yadle and it does the rest.
Easy to Install

Yadle works

Yadle works the way you do

You already work a certain way and it works. Yadle does not require you to learn new systems or change how you work. It is intuitive and easy to use.

Your files stay where they are

You files stay stored where they are stored now – in your Cloud services, on your devices or servers. There is no need to centralize or move files around with Yadle.
Secure Yadle

Yadle does not modify your Files

Yadle does not move or modify your files
Quick and Easy to Install

Quick and easy to install

The Yadle App is quick and easy to install. It is already configured and does not require any work. You simply install the Yadle App and files become searchable only by you. You can create File Channels to grant access to files.
Quick and Easy to Install
Easy to Manage

Easy to manage

You do not need to add or manage new systems or do any work to centralize your files. Yadle automatically works with your existing systems without any efforts.
Full Control of Visibility Rights

You control file visibility

File Channels make it easy for companies and users to decide who can belong to a File Channel. Only users of the File Channel can search and access files in a File Channel. Settings allow for additional controls.
Full Control of Visibility Rights

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