Yadle File Channels

Yadle File Channels
File Channels makes it fast and easy to search, access, and share files stored in many locations – on devices, on servers, in Cloud services, in Apps.

Easy and fast to find files stored anywhere by narrowing searches by File Channels


Easy to manage access to files by File Channels with users seeing files or not


Easy to share files stored in many places with users of a File Channel

Join File Channels
Create or Join File Channels

Users can create File Channels to easily make files stored everywhere searchable and accessible by other members. And they can join File Channels to be able to search and access files, and contribute files.

4 Types of File Channels Exist
Individual (Me Only)

A great way for a user to search all their files stored everywhere or search by File Channel.

Group (By Invitation)

A great way for groups to collectively allow searching and access to files stored everywhere.

Organization (All Organization Users)

A great way for organizations to make certain files searchable and accessible to their people.

Public (Everyone)

Public File Channels are a great way to search, access, and share files publicly.

Join Files Channels
How to Use File Channels
How to Use File Channels


Each user gets 6 File Channels by default: Pictures, Documents, Videos, Music, Downloads, and Desktop. They can add more File Channels.


Organizations can create and use File Channels in several ways. They are a great way to manage access to groups of people to improve their workflow:

follow file channels

Follow File Channels

Follow File Channels to keep track of file activities and changes taking places with files stored everywhere across all your File Channels.
follow file channels

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