File Intelligence for Architects

Yadle makes it easy to find, view, tag, and share files and digital assets regardless of where they are stored. Tag and annotate any file type to simplify future access. View thumbnails of files stored in almost any format. Search by filename, folder, tags, annotation text, or any embedded metadata in the file.
Yadle’s File Intelligence analyzes files and automatically adds tags identifying the elements within your drawings, images, videos. It supports file types from professional cameras from companies like Red, Sony, Canon, Nikon, Minolta, and others.
Yadle never modifies or moves your files, and it easily integrates within the workflow and applications you already use.
Visualize Files Architects

Visualize all Your Drawings, Photos, Videos Stored Everywhere as Large Thumbs

When you’re trying to know what you have or what’s available, Yadle lets you preview all files stored anywhere as large thumbs. It can save you time or help generate new ideas.
Auto Tag Files Architects

Auto-Tag and Annotate Any File Type

Yadle File Intelligence uses AI technology to automatically tag your images and graphics. Any file type can be tagged, without modification to the original file.
Auto Tag Files Architects
Technical Criteria Architects

Find Images by Technical Criteria such as Author, Format, Layers, Size

All EXIF and other metadata in a file, including custom fields, is searchable, enabling searches based on author layers, size, format, and other technical parameters.
Search Everywhere Architects

Search for Files Everywhere at Once - Devices, Servers, Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack…

It can be time consuming to look for files folder by folder, place by place, across all places where files could be. Use Yadle to look everywhere – devices, Cloud, servers -- at once to save you time.
Search Everywhere Architects
Load-digital Assets Architects

Search for Digital Assets & Load Them Directly Within Your Application

Yadle’s search is integrated into various applications: include Adobe illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere, foundry Nuke. Yadle lets you find and load images without having to leave your application.
Find Architects

Find Images by their Content

You can search for files using File Intelligence tags that describe the contents of your images, allowing you to find images based on the subject. As example, typing in “#image land” will find all images related without having to remember if it was a JPEG, PNG, or another image format.
Find Architects
Share Files Architects

Easily Share Files and Digital Assets Stored Anywhere

Yadle File Channels make it easy to allow others to search and access files stored in many places without having to move files around or manage complex file sharing rights.

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