File Intelligence for Archivists

Yadle’s File Intelligence acts as a complement to your existing systems to fill in the gaps.
Yadle can auto-tag your files based on AI, help you search by tags and metadata or anything you know about a file, be a critical tool during an audit, provide a unified way to classify and search for files across collaborators, and offer a deep level of information about all files stored anywhere.
Yadle has zero impact on your infrastructure. It does not modify or move your files. There’s no moving of files around – they remain stored where they are. Yadle simply works in the background with your existing systems.
Auto Tag Files Archivists

Auto-Tag Your Files Based on AI

Yadle automatically tags your files based on AI or rules. Tags work with any file type including binary and archive files. You can also add tags individually or in bulk on top of tags automatically added by Yadle.
Find Any File Archivists

Find Any File Including that Needle in a Haystack

Yadle allow you to search by tags and file metadata for anything you know about a file: author, year created, type of file, file location, camera used, etc.
Find Any File Archivists
Collaborate Archivists

A Unified Way to Collaborate

As you work with various collaborators, Yadle can offer a unified way to classify files and collaborate to ensure without having to do work, move files around, or centralize files.
Isnights Archivists

Gain Valuable Insights

Yadle provides you with a growing list of Insights which are various views into your data. It helps you know what you have from one dashboard including: types of files, location, duplicate files, systems, storage left, etc.
Insights Archivists
Audit Archivists

Your Audit Buddy

When it’s time for an audit, Yadle serves as a key tool to fill in the missing gaps that exist with your current system(s). It can provide a deep level of information about files and file activities.
Organize Files Archivists

Virtually Organize Company Files by File Channels to Make Them Easier to Find

Use Yadle to virtually organize files by File Channels – by topic, by asset types, etc. – to make them easier to find via File Channels.
Organize Files Archivists
Share Files Archivists

Easily Share Files and Digital Assets Stored Anywhere

Yadle File Channels make it easy to allow others to search and access files stored in many places without having to move files around or manage complex file sharing rights.
Duplicates Archivists

Identify Duplicate Files Regardless of File Locations, Names, or Operating Systems

With Yadle, every file has a unique File DNA. A single change to a file means they are different files, independent of languages. Yadle can help you identify duplicate files independent of where they are stored, file names, and operating systems.
Duplicates Archivists
Identify Files Archivists

Identify a Set of Files to Do Something with Them

You can use Yadle to identify a set of files and do something with them. As an example, you could search for files older than X years to archive them or copy them somewhere. Typing in @age>10y will show you a list of all files that are older than 10 years.

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