File Intelligence for IT

With Cloud computing and the proliferation of devices, the task of keeping up with files stored in many places has become increasingly complex and challenging or IT.
. Yadle’s File Intelligence provides IT teams with visibility across files, file activities, systems, and storage. This includes knowing what files exist where, how many duplicate files you have, as well as understanding file activities and how it impacts storage capacity.
Yadle has zero impact on your infrastructure. It does not modify or move your files. There’s no moving of files around – they remain stored where they are. Yadle simply works in the background with your existing systems.
View Files Everywhere It

Use Yadle to Have a View Across All Company Files Stored Anywhere

Yadle can index and tag all files stored anywhere. You can create one File Channel only visible by IT that can allow you to search across all places where files are stored.
Duplicate Files It

Identify Duplicate Files Regardless of File Location, Name, or Operating System

With Yadle, every file has a unique File DNA. A single change to a file means they are different files, independent of languages. Yadle can help you identify duplicate files independent of where they are stored, file names, and operating systems.
Duplicate Files It
Organize Files It

Virtually Organize Company Files by File Channels to Make Them Easier to Find

Use Yadle to virtually organize company files by File Channels – by client, by project, by city, by asset types – to make them easy to find. It is quick and easy to do. Users will be able to easily search and find files by File Channels.
Auto Tag Files It

Auto-Tag Files of Any Type Including Binary and Archive Files

Yadle auto-tags your files (without touching your files) based on rules, folder structure, and AI. You can also add tags individually or in bulk, including binary and archive files.
Auto Tag Files It
Find Files It

Find Any File Including that Needle in a Haystack

When people can’t find files, IT can help out and locate critical files using Yadle. You can type tags and keywords for anything you know about a file - file creator, file type, location, camera type, etc. - to locate files stored anywhere.
Get Files It

Easily Access Remote Files

Yadle can help you easily access files remotely located.
Get Files It
Migrate Files It

Use Yadle to Help You Migrate Files

Use Yadle when you want to migrate files from one place to another. It will help you determine when the migration has been successfully completed.
Idetify Set Of Files It

Identify a Set of Files to Do Something with Them

You can use Yadle to identify a set of files and do something with them. As an example, you could search for files older than X years to archive them or copy them somewhere. Typing in @age>10y will show you a list of all files that are older than 10 years.
Idetify Set Of Files It
Know Files It

Know Which Files Are Unique and At Risk, or Not in your Central System

Ideally you have 2 copies of every file in 2 different locations. Yadle can help you identify unique files which could be at risk of being lost since no other copies readily exist somewhere. Yadle can also help you understand what files are not in our “central system”.

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