File Intelligence & AI for VFX

Searching across available practicals and assets to try to isolate the perfect one can affect the quality of the project if not found or it can eat up precious time.
Yadle uses File Intelligence and AI to auto-tag files based on AI image recognition. It allows you to search by tags or technical criteria to quickly find practicals and assets you need to re-use.
Yadle never modifies or moves your files, and easily integrates with the workflow and applications you already use
Recognition Vfx

Your Practicals & Assets Are Auto-Tagged Based on AI for Image Recognition

Using File Intelligence and AI for image recognition, Yadle can automatically tag your files. By looking at the content of images, Yadle can apply relevant tags (ex. explosion, fire, blood on wall) to files.
Add Tags Vfx

Add Tags to Any File Types Including Geometry, Models, and Lighting

You can also add tags to any file type including geometry, models, lighting -- without modification to the original files.
Add Tags Vfx
Load Files Vfx

Search for Practicals or Other Assets Directly Within Your Application

The Yadle Search is integrated into tools you already use. Yadle is integrated into Foundry Nuke, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Premiere, and a growing list of VFX production management tools. You can use our API to personalize your own tools.
Vfx Files

Search and Visualize VFX Files such as RED, EXR, HDR, RAW

Yadle allow you to search and preview VFX files including RED, EXR, HDR, and RAW file formats.
Vfx Files
Tehnical Criteria Vfx

Quickly Find Praticals by Tags and Technical Criteria

Yadle lets you search by tags (#explosive) and keywords. All EXIF and other metadata in a file, including custom fields, is searchable, enabling searches based on lens, camera model, and other technical parameters.
Fle Sequence Vfx

View Multi-File Sequences a Single Scrubable “Video”

Yadle uses File Intelligence to recognize image sequences and it visually presents related images as a single scrubable “video”.
Fle Sequence Vfx
Simila Images Vfx

Receive Suggestions for Similar Images Based on AI

When you find a practical or image you like but you're not sure if it's the perfect one, Yadle can make suggestions for similar images based on AI.
Search Everywhere Vfx

Search Everywhere At Once – Across Devices, Servers, Cloud, and Multiple Locations

Yadle allow you to search everywhere at once to find files. It can look across servers and devices in different locations, in the Cloud, and other places.
Search Everywhere Vfx
File Channels Vfx

Search for Files by File Channels to Refine your Searches

Searching by File Channels – as example per project or types of practicals – allow you to refine your searches to quickly find the file you need.
Self Hosted Vfx

Offered as SaaS or Self-Hosted Solutions

Yadle is offered as a SaaS or Self-Hosted solution. If you have sensitive metadata, you can host your data. The self-hosted version is easy to deploy and manage.
Self Hosted Vfx

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