File Intelligence for Writers & Editors

With many files stored in many places and many projects in the works, it’s hard to keep up. Time can be wasted looking for files, not finding files, re-creating files that already exist, or files becoming out of access, misplaced, or lost.
Yadle’s File Intelligence provides you with visibility across all your files, making it easy to find, access, and share files stored anywhere.
Yadle never modifies or moves your files, and it easily integrates within the workflow and applications you already use.
Search Everywhere Writers

Search Everywhere at Once - Devices, Servers, Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack…

It can be time consuming to look for files folders and various places where files could be. Use Yadle to look everywhere at once to save you time.
Visualize Files Writers

Visualize all Your Files Stored Everywhere as Large Thumbs

When you’re trying to know what you have or have access to, Yadle lets you preview files stored anywhere as large thumbs. It can save you time or help generate new ideas.
File Intelligence Writers

Your Files Are Auto-Tagged Based on File Intelligence and AI

Yadle uses File Intelligence and AI to automatically tag your files virtually. You can also add your own tags. You can search for files using tags such #image. As example, typing in “#image dog” will find all images related to dogs without having to remember if it was a JPEG, PNG, or another image format.
Organize Files Writers

Virtually Organize Files by File Channels to Make Them Easier to Find

Use Yadle to virtually organize company files by File Channels – by client, by project, by city, by asset types – to make them easy to find.
Organize Files Writers
Find Files Writers

Find Any File Including that Needle in a Haystack

With Yadle, you can always find files including that needle in a haystack – hard to find file. You can type tags and keywords for anything you know about a file including: file creator, file type, location, camera type, etc.
Access Files Writers

Easily Access and Use Files Stored Anywhere

Once you find the file you need in your File Channels, you can easily open files, get, or send files from anywhere to anywhere.
Access Files Writers
Share Files Writers

Easily Share Files Stored Anywhere Without Moving Them Around

Yadle File Channels makes it easy to allow others to search and access files stored in many places without having to move files around or manage complex file sharing rights.

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