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Foundry Nuke Plugin

Yadle is a powerful search tool that will save you hours of time finding the assets you are looking for quickly and easily. Use Yadle to search assets throughout your entire company by metadata, content, tags and more, without ever leaving Nuke. Search results include scrubbable sequences, video, and 3D thumbnails.


In order to use the Yadle Nuke plug-in you will need to install the Yadle software to scan all of your assets. We would be happy to provide you with a demo, or simply provide you with more information about Yadle’s functionality or on how to get started.




Search and find files across all storage within company, using search terms like "fire" and "weapon".

Scrub thumbs of 3D, sequence, and video results allow you to quickly confirm you have found the right file - without ever leaving Nuke.




Search filters let you define complex search parameters based on size, resolution, aspect ratio, frame counts and more.

Define minimum, maximum, and range values to efficiently get to the file you need.




Lightbox mode allows viewing of multiple results visually.  Select single or multiple or more results to drag-and-drop into Nuke. 

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