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Connecting files and people everywhere by making files and knowledge stored anywhere easily searchable, accessible, and useful.
As we collaborate and work everywhere – continually creating and storing files in many places, we get disconnected. We lose access. We lose touch. Files, knowledge, and productivity get lost.
Yadle saves time and make it easy to access, use, and share files and knowledge – everywhere.
Yadle’s Intelligent App automatically and continually indexes, tags, thumbnails, and analyzes all your files and information to make it easy to access, use, and share files stored everywhere.
  1. CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT - You first sign up to create your account. It will automatically index, tag, and thumbnail your files.
  2. CREATE/JOIN FILE CHANNELS - You create, join, and manage your File Channels to make a set of files stored in various places searchable and accessible by users of the File Channel.
  3. USE YADLE - You use Yadle to preview, find/discover files, access files, and share knowledge about files.
It only takes about 3 minutes to install the Yadle on any device. After installed, Yadle is self-configured and does the rest.
It depends on the quantity and size of your files, and on the speed of your Internet connection. It typically takes just a few hours to index all your files – tens of thousands of files or more. The indexing runs in the background, so you can continue to use your device without interruptions. You can start using Yadle’s search functionality immediately after files start indexing.
No. With Yadle, you continue to work the way you do. No change in workflow is needed. Yadle is intuitive and user-friendly. It does not require any tutorials or special training, nor does it change your usual file workflow. Similar to using a web search, you simply type keywords into Yadle to find files, anywhere.
Yes. Yadle is more secure than what you’re already used to. Many service providers you are currently using store your files. Yadle does NOT store your files. Yadle only collects the metadata and information about your files, not your files or its content. And your files are not modified in any way. It is 100% secure.

No. Yadle simply indexes all your files and it collects metadata about your files. Your files are not modified in any way.

No. You do not need to centralize your files with Yadle. Yadle does not store your files. Your files stay stored where they are now.
A File Channel is a collection of files stored in many places that are searchable and accessible to users of a File Channel. There are 4 types of File Channels: for Individual, Group, Organization, and Public.
Benefits include:
SEARCH - Faster to find files by more narrowly searching by File Channels
ACCESS - Very easy to manage access to files by File Channels with users seeing files or not
SHARE - Easy to share files stored in many places with users of the File Channels
For people, each user gets 6 File Channels by default for Pictures, Documents, Videos, Music, Downloads, and Desktop. You can create more File Channels and join File Channels.
They are a great way to manage access to groups of people to improve their workflow. File Channels can be created for teams, offices, projects, divisions, departments, folders, clients, and collaborators.
You click on the left menu link called My File Channels. Inside, click on Create a File Channel. You name it, then simply select folders or files in multiple places to make them searchable and accessible by other users of the File Channel. There’s no copying or moving of files.
Only you can see your files, unless you make your files available to other people through your File Channels. By default, all files indexed by Yadle, as well as all the metadata collected, are kept private. Only you can see and access them.
Yadle is not a cloud storage service, and it does not store your files in the cloud. Yadle works with existing storage solutions and systems to make it easier and faster for you to find files across different devices and cloud storage services and get and send files, anywhere. Yadle is the perfect complement to cloud storage services, for both personal and business users.
The search and basic plan is FREE. We have various pricing plans explained here.