How Yadle Works

Yadle is a platform for continuously collecting information about your files, how they are used, and how they flow in and out of your organization. The behavior of your files is a reflection of your organization’s behavior, without human bias or intervention.


By analyzing your file behavior, Yadle’s File Intelligence delivers up-to-date and deep insights into workflow, project activity, and infrastructure utilization. This information can be used to make timely adjustments and corrections in your organization to improve your efficiency.


With access to this File Intelligence data, everyone can find files they need to improve delivery, minimize workflow slowdowns, and improve employee performance & satisfaction.


Our File Intelligence technology continuously collects metadata about your files including:


  • Static metadata – file name, size time stamps, device, geo-location, etc.

  • Embedded metadata – format-specific data the defines the specific details of a file such as image size of a picture, number of pages in a document, or material used is a 3D file.

  • Behavioral metadata – when a file is copied or deleted or used.


Yadle adds additional metadata that includes categories, object detection tags, and normalization values. Yadle File Intelligence uses rules, AI, and statistical methods to give you a detailed understanding of your files, how they are used, how they are moving across all of your locations.


File Intelligence is a new and powerful source of BI data that can improve employee performance and infrastructure utilization.

Is your data scattered to the wind? Yadle is the solution to collecting, searching, and understanding your data.

Yadle is an umbrella software that works with a variety of system setups without changing anything already in place.

Yadle can help you assemble your data in one easy to use database.


Whether you have one system or one hundred, Yadle makes it easy to manage the ever increasing size and location of your data.


Yadle builds upon your data without changing it, creating a powerful new way to interact with your files.


Many files have no thumbnails, Yadle solves that.

Once the heavy lifting has been done by Yadle's engine, your files can now be sorted into file channels






File Channels solve the issue of poor file management, data location, naming conventions, and much more.

File Channels solve the issue of poor file management, data location, naming conventions, and much more.

Yadle can be accessed from a variety of different ways

Plug-ins are great for focusing on getting that project done.


Plugins only show files the software can use allowing for cleaner, faster searching.


The file is dropped directly in that software, reducing copying and extra clicks.

Yadle offers many ways to access your files. The desktop app and online portal allow for access to all Yadle has to offer.

The API allows Yadle's File Intelligence to integrate into any software or workflow.


Individual users and teams can leave comments and add tags to all files.


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