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Cool Things you Can Do With Yadle

  • Use a SINGLE SEARCH to look EVERYWHERE for your files

  • Find files in a SECOND instead of browsing through folders

  • REDISCOVER your files and find files you did not know you had

  • REMOTELY GET or SEND files from anywhere to anywhere

  • PREVIEW all your videos and images stored anywhere

  • Easily SEND LARGE FILES without any size limits

  • Find files you COULD NOT FIND BEFORE

  • Search INFO about files everywhere: duplicates, latest file

  • TAGS help you classify your files to make them easier to find

  • Easily do BULK ACTIONS across all files anywhere

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Things To Try in the Live Demo

Suggested Steps of Things to Try

  • Type in NASA to search for files about the NASA
  • Try searching by tags only by searching for #image
  • Select many files and bulk tag those files with mydemo Then search for #mydemo
  • Add comments to files