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Giving Your Clients Access to Yadle

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Provide Clients with Custom Access to Your Yadle Catalog

Yadle is a great tool for sharing files with your clients for review. Your clients can preview your assets quickly using the generated thumbnail proxies or request to have the original file sent to them. We understand the importance of security and implementing the principle of least privilege. With Yadle File Channels, your clients can be given just the access they need.

This article will take you through the process of configuring access of specified content for your clients, as well as explaining the notion of File Channels. The overall process is as follows:

  • Create a non-admin Yadle account that your client will use to access content.

  • Create a Group type File Channel that includes the folders containing files to share with clients.

  • Add created user to File Channel.

  • Share credentials with your client, have them join available File Channel, and let them search!

Create a Yadle Account for your Client

The first thing to do is invite a New User to your Yadle organization. This will be the account your client will login to Yadle with. Note that only existing Yadle admins are able to invite new users to the organization. Perform the following steps to successfully invite a new user.

  1. Navigate to the Admin section of left main menu and select Invite Users.

  2. Enter the First Name, Last Name, and Email of your client.

  3. Click Invite. Your client will receive an email with instructions for activating and setting up password for login. They can refer to the following guide here for activating and setting up their new account.

Create a File Channel Containing Content to Share with Client

With our client's user account setup, the next step is to create a File Channel that defines specific directories we want them to have search access to. Before we go through how to do this, you may be asking yourself "What the heck are File Channels?". Well, let's explore this concept further.

A Yadle “File Channel” is a collection of one or more file directories that are searchable as if they were in a single directory. Think of them as virtual folders. Access to File Channels can be configured to allow one, several, or all Yadle users to search files within the Channel. There are 4 Types of File Channels we can define:

  • Private – Only File Channel creator can search and access files.

  • Group – Only users invited by File Channel creator can search and access files.

  • Organization - All users within your Yadle organization can search and access files.

  • Public - Anyone outside of Yadle organization can search and access files.

Note: The Public File Channel feature will be released at a later date allowing File Channels to be shared with other Yadle organizations. Selecting this File Channel type will currently function as Organization type.

Check out the Yadle docs for a more in-depth Overview of File Channels.

Here's how to Create a File Channel:

  1. Click Create New under File Channels section of left main menu.

  2. Enter a Name for the File Channel.

  3. Select Type: Group.

  4. Enter Description for File Channel (optional).

  5. Select the Device.

  6. Enter the Folder Path of the folder you want to share with Clients. It is possible to add multiple folder paths to a single File Channel.

  7. Click Add.

Add Client User to Created File Channel

With the Group File Channel created, the next step is to manually add the client's user account as a member. This step is straightforward and only requires that you have the email address associated with the client's account. Here's how:

First, navigate to the File Channels section of the left menu and click Mine. This page will show all of the File Channels you have created and own.

Next click on Manage for the File Channel that you want to give your client access to. In this example I created a File Channel called "Client Test".

Finally, select the Members tab. Enter the email address for your client's Yadle account and click Add User. They will receive an email to Join the File Channel.

That completes all the setup necessary on the Yadle administrator side of things. From here, your client will simply need to Join the File Channel and then they can start searching.

Have your Client Join the File Channel

After adding your client as a member of the created File Channel, they will receive an email notifying them that they have been invited and to join the File Channel. It will look similar to the following:

Upon clicking Accept, a confirmation page will display that they have successfully joined the File Channel.

And that's all there is to it. Your client can login to Yadle and begin searching and previewing files that are part of the File Channel. A quick and easy way to provide proxies of media content without delivering the full underlying asset. Just one of the many powerful use cases of Yadle.

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