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Search by Properties: !application

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Filter Search Results to Only Show Compatible Files of a Certain Application

A powerful way to filter search results is by including one or more File Properties in your search. Every file that is discovered and indexed by Yadle has specific properties that provide, amongst other things, information related to where the file is located, its size, age, time of indexing, and file extension.

Searching by properties is just as easy as searching with keywords and tags. Properties are entered in the search bar as a separate search term. All search properties start with !, followed by the property name and optional equality/inequality operator and values (eg. !size>20mb). A Property can be included alongside other search terms such as Keywords and Tags to add additional filtering of results. You can also search using only a single Property term. Just keep in mind that every search term (keyword, tag, property) included in a search will only show results that match each term. In this sense you can think of there being an AND operator between each search term.

In this article, we are going to take a look at one Property in particular which is the !application Property. For a complete list of all available search Properties with some examples, head over to the Yadle docs here.

!application Property

The !application Property is used to filter search results to only include those file types (extensions) supported by the specified application. Only one application Property should be entered in a search, and will result in a search error if more than one application property is entered in a single search. It is acceptable to specify an application Property along with other properties, keywords, and tags in a single search expression.

The following are the currently available application properties that can be included in a search:

!3dsmax !aftereffects !animate !audacity !audition !autocad !blender !houdini

!illustrator !incopy !indesign !maya !nuke !photoshop !premiere !renderman

!revit !sketchup !vlc

Example Search with Application Property

Here is an example of a search with !photoshop that will return only file formats that can be opened within the Adobe Photoshop application. You'll see the first 3 results are .hdr and .jpg formats which we know can be opened in Photoshop.

The application search property compares file extensions with those supported by the application. Searching only using a file extension tag such as #jpg may not yield the desired results as there may be other file formats that can be utilized for a given project. Properties are yet another powerful tool in your Yadle toolbox for file discovery.


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