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The Yadle Desktop App

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Do more with your files using the Yadle desktop app!

While searching with Yadle allows you to quickly find files you are looking for, being able to act on the files from your search results enables smooth integration into workflows. In this blog post, we’ll show you just how easy it is to get started using the desktop app and the many benefits it brings.

The web interface is the quickest way to get started using Yadle, though with continued use, users will find it hard to forgo the added capabilities that the Yadle desktop app brings.

  1. Ability to open files from Yadle search results. NEW: Drag and Drop directly into your application.

  2. Create and load your own custom file actions.

  3. Save Yadle credentials to bypass log in.

  4. Graphical file browser for ease of creating File Channels.

Installing the Desktop app

Did we mentioned the Desktop app is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux? No matter what operating system you work with, Yadle supports you.

Installation is a breeze. A Yadle rep will provide you with download links for your specific organization and you will download one of the following desktop app formats (.exe, .dmg, .deb, .rpm, .AppImage).

Refer to the Yadle docs for complete install guide for your operating system:


One of the main capabilities the Yadle Desktop app provides compared to the web app, is the ability to open files from your search results. This is only currently possible in the desktop app since it can access a user’s local filesystem. Of course, this means the Yadle user will need to have access to the underlying file returned in search results. Correct network mapping of how files are presented on user workstations needs to be configured and should be done by your Yadle administrator. As an example, let's say your organization has a shared network drive for project assets. The shared network drive is mounted as drive Y:\ on your workstation. In order for the Yadle desktop app to know where the source file lives, the network mapping would be configured to point to the Y:\ drive.

Desktop Plug-ins

The dropdown action menu can be customized and extended with plugins to do exactly what you want. Do more than just open! The potential use cases here are limitless and bounded only by your own imagination. We'll dive into this a bit further in a later blog post. If you are curious, check out the current desktop plugin examples on Yadle's public Github here.

Bypass Login

The easiest way to prevent multiple logins with Yadle is to download the desktop app, login once, and leave it open! Realizing that is not the most practical option, it's easy to store your Yadle credentials - saving those precious keystrokes. This is done by setting environment variables on your workstation. It is an optional step to help further improve user experience.

Step by step guides for saving your Yadle credentials by OS:

GUI File Browser for File Channels

With the desktop app, adding folders to create a File Channel can be done visually with your native OS file browser.

Drag and Drop!

Click on any thumbnail from Yadle search results to drag and drop into your desired project application or folder. Select and drag multiple files at once too! It's not uncommon for users to have multiple monitors at their workstation. Keep the Yadle desktop app on one screen with your other primary applications on the other to seamlessly find and bring files into your project.

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