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Yadle in the cloud.

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

As we move through this most challenging year, it’s worth taking a quick look back at what we accomplished so far in 2020, and how that has helped us prepare for an even better product in 2021.

New Markets

As many of you know, Yadle has deep roots in VFX and other media-focused markets. We have learned so much over the last few years from our great film making customers, and we are applying that knowledge to help users in other markets.

Yadle is growing as we add support for Architecture/Engineering/Construction (AEC) users. We have expanded our support of CAD and 3D formats, and are excited to release this next generation of Yadle. Now designers, engineers, and contractors have Yadle File Intelligence support for their workflow from early-stage design through to construction.

You can see more details about Yadle for AEC here

New Cloud Integrations

Our development team has been working on remotely for the past several months and have produced a number of cool new features.

We are excited to announce our integration with Dropbox and Google Drive. You can now index files on individual and business accounts on both cloud services. You get all the benefits of Yadle including metadata analysis, category tags, file annotations, and thumbnails for virtually any file type. This means you can do a search across of of your local files, multiple Dropbox or Google Drive accounts with a single search.

Yadle File Channels work with any combination of files from local and cloud storage, so you can organize your files into File Channels that contains files from multiple Google, Dropbox, and local file systems. All searchable from a single place. Using our Adobe CC plugin, you can simultaneously search both Google Drive and Dropbox from inside the apps you already use like Photoshop & Illustrator.

More Insights

We are releasing a collection of new Insights to help you visualize file activities by time and location:

and a visualization of storage utilization across all devices and services:

Better Performance

Our engineering team has made architectural improvements to Yadle to allow us to scale our micro services to match your needs at scale. It is now possible to launch large numbers to our micro service containers to generate thumbnails, extract metadata, detect image sequences, and index files in parallel. This is a significant improvement, especially on the initial ingest of large amounts of files & data. Performance improvements are nearly linear to the number of containers launched– go from 1 to 4 containers, improve speed by almost 400%. There is no complex configuration or setup – just launch more containers - and there are no practical limits to how many containers you can run simultaneously.

Next Steps

Yadle will continue to evolve in response to your needs. We hope to engage more with each of you in the coming months. Our team is here to help you solve your workflow issues and reap the benefits of being a Yadle user. Nothing makes us happier than seeing people use what we build.

If you have questions, complaints, or praise, please let me know.



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