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Yadle "Tesla" release available

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

While there have been several minor releases since Albert (June 2019), the team at Yadle is excited to formally announce our next major release, Tesla

The Tesla release is focused on performance and security. The Yadle agent has been tuned to achieve maximum throughput during initial indexing as well as subsequent change detection scans. New support for multiple file agents has also been enabled. Using multiple agents for initial indexing will decrease ingest time significantly.

SaaS performance has be increased by moving to a pub/sub model for our microservices. This means that Yadle performance scaling is a simple as starting additional copies of microservices.

Access to Yadle for on-premise installations now defaults to HTTPS.

One of the most exciting announcements in the Tesla release is support for indexing Google Drive and Dropbox cloud services. You can now search local files and cloud files simultaneously.


  • Easy to deploy with new automated installation

  • Support for running Yadle on Windows 10

  • Integration to Google Drive and Dropbox to index and search files in the cloud

  • Scale out microservices via pub/sub mechanism

  • HTTPS implemented as default protocol for self-hosted deployments

  • File Activity and Storage Utilization Insights

Complete release notes can be viewed here.

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