Yadle Launches File Intelligence & AI to Improve How We Work.

SAN FRANCISCO, California, October 4th, 2017.

Today, Yadle launches File Intelligence which uses AI, Machine Learning, and other intelligent technologies, to improve how we work -- making it faster and easier to find, access, know about, and share files stored anywhere. Continue Reading

Yadle Launches Version 3 of its File Search Engine & Intelligent File Management App

San Ramon, California, August 11th, 2016.

Today, Yadle releases version 3 for its powerful file search engine and intelligent management App. Yadle allows companies and users to more easily and quickly find and do things with files anywhere. Continue Reading

John McNeil Studio Chooses Yadle to Organize and Search Their 4+ Million Files

San Ramon, California, August 10th, 2016.

Yadle announces that John McNeil Studio (JMS), a Berkeley based advertising agency and production company with 120+ employees and clients such as Nokia, Logitech, and CA Technologies, is now using Yadle to organize and help search their 4+ million files. Continue Reading

Yadle Introduces New Key Feature – Bulk Actions

Dublin, California, July 2016.

Yadle, a file search and management app that works across the Cloud, devices, and servers, launched today a new feature: Bulk Actions. Further expanding Yadle’s file management capabilities beyond file search and access, Bulk Actions are designed to help companies and power users handle a large volume of files in and out of the Cloud in order to save time and improve productivity. Continue Reading

Yadle Launches New Key Feature – Search By Tags

Dublin, California, March 2016.

Yadle rolled out today a new Search By Tags feature that further refines and improves the search experience for its users. So far, users have been able to search for files anywhere – across devices, the Cloud, and servers – using file titles and metadata. Search by Tags now enables users to find the files they are looking for using custom tags that have been added to the files. Continue Reading

Yadle Releases New Key Feature – Smart Tags

Dublin, California, January 2016.

Cloud-based file search and management app Yadle introduces Smart Tags, a new important feature that allows users to add and browse file tags in order to improve file discovery and better classify and manage files. Yadle’s new Smart Tags automatically tag duplicate files across devices, servers, and the Cloud, also helping companies clean their file ecosystem and lower storage costs. Continue Reading

Datawhere Launches Yadle Brand

Dublin, California December 7th, 2015 – Datawhere introduces its new product called Yadle.

Datawhere is the company and technology while Yadle is a product powered by Datawhere. Yadle was created leveraging the Datawhere API and technology. Continue Reading

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