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File Activity. By Location. Date. Time. Employee.

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Knowledge from Yadle

The data collected by the Yadle platform provides knowledge on your files and informs users on the interactions of files across your organization. This information can be used to improve worker efficiency, identify workflow issues, and reduce storage costs.

Yadle Insights

Yadle Insights visualize data collected by File Intelligence into easy to use, interactive reports within the Yadle apps. These Insights simplify access to the file data collected and analyzed by Yadle into easily consumable reports that are actionable. There are three types of Insights.


The first Insight type provide knowledge about file activities in your organization. File activity is a reflection of human activity, so these Insights provide detailed knowledge on the location, scale and velocity of activity in your organization.


The second Insight type provides statistical data about your files. This data gives deep knowledge of the types of files being used, their size, aging, and applications usage. These types of Insights can be used to optimize application license purchases, predict future storage needs, and identify trending in the specific types of work your employees are engaged in.


The third Insight type provides knowledge about software & hardware infrastructure consumption and trends as derived from the types, sizes, and rate of change. These Insights can both historic and up-to-date information on parameters such as:

  • storage capacity allocated across all locations & cloud services

  • storage capacity used across all locations, including measurements of storage consumption per file type

  • detailed allocated, consumed and duplicate storage costs

  • details storage consumption based on applications & they files they create

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