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Yadle 22.01 (Indigo) Release Now Available

To kick off the new year, we're following our good friends at Canonical and adopting a similar versioning system to the Ubuntu Linux distribution.

Yadle releases previously were identified solely by "code name" eg. Tesla, Hopper. You'll now see that Yadle releases are also versioned in YY.MM format. So Yadle 22.01 was released in January 2022 and has the code name Indigo.

The Indigo release brings a big refinement in the newly released search filters. With the metadata Yadle extracts from files, it is then further processed and normalized allowing users to search using very specific filters. For example, find images based on their orientation (tall, wide, square, panoramic), videos based on their resolution, and sequences based on the number of frames they contain.

In the search example below, filters have been applied to only return image file types that are panoramic in their orientation. Key file information such as size and resolution is now presented directly in the results view. You'll find this info next to the filename. Here we see the file is [1.0 MB] in size and has a resolution of [5119 x 2011]. That simplifies down to an aspect ratio > 2 which indeed matches our panoramic filter criteria.

Take a look at the complete release notes for Yadle 22.01 (Indigo) here.

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